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Sand Creek Farm is a family farm nestled in the rolling hills of Milam County, TX.  We believe in fresh, wholesome, nutrient dense, quality foods. 

Our milk is 100% Grass Fed only, no grains at all, not even at milking time.  We also test our cows for leukemia, bovine viral diarrhea, tuberculosis, brucellosis and Johnes when we purchase them; then we maintain a closed herd so that no exposure will occur.  We are one of a few dairies that provide this across the country.

Our herd is 99.982% A2/A2; we have one 3 older 3 teeted cow that has 1, A1 gene.

We offer many wholesome product for sale at our farm, become a member of the farm to see our current inventory in the member only Farmigo software.  Members receive discounts on many of the items we offer for sale, are included in bulk buy opportunities, and have first access to all of our food when supplies are limited.

Walk in customers are welcome by appointment only, please do not just drive up to the farm as our schedules are always different and their may not be someone here to help you.  The phone in the store is not manned, so no one working on the farm will know you are calling from the front gate of the farm.

An example of Walk in customer prices are as follows:
$14.00 per gal milk
$3.50 per pint plain yogurts
$4.00 per pint flavored yogurts
$15.00 per lb for all cheeses
$5.50 for organic fruit spreads
$20.00 per quart for Grade B Maple
$4.00 per bar of homemade soap
more products are available at the farm than this but inventory changes.

Teaching Tours are $50/hour/person by appointment
Student Tours depend on the size of the group and the age of the students, min fee is $150.00.

A Farm Membership cost $25.00 and is good for a lifetime if you order at least one time every 6 months.  If you do not order within 6 months, your account will be deleted from the system and you would need to purchase another membership if you choose to come back at a later time.

Sand Creek Farm is excited to provide healthy food to your business or family.  The products we offer come from our farm or other family farms that we select for their high standards. Everything we offer to your family is also what ou
r family eats.  In fact, that is how we became farmers.  We wanted healthy foods, free of chemicals, free of antibiotics, free of hormones, free of GMO's, free of soy, and full of nutrients.  We  could not find farmers providing the kinds of foods we wanted so we bought a farm, moved out of the city and started growing and producing our own.  After 2 years of "hobby" farming we moved to our current farm of 169 acres in 2006 with 20 families to feed.  In 2009 we closed down our business of 15 years in Bryan, TX, our "real job" in the city, and became full time farmers.  We have now been farming for ~10 years and feed ~150 families per week.  Having made the journey from "City Folks" to "Country Folks" - let us tell you, if we can do it, anyone can do it!  We are now lifetime farmers and would not have it any other way.

Our food being full of nutrients is the first and utmost importance to us; it completely changes
how one farms.  In fact, the biology in the soil is where you begin when you farm for nutrient rich foods.  Did you know that microorganisms create a slime on the root of a plant that is the transfer medium for the nutrition from the soil to the plant?  Did you know that when a person sprays chemical fertilizers on their pastures that it kills their microorganisms?  Then one has to spray more and more, such a needless downward spiral, and then...the dust bowl comes again!  One must manage their soil to the soil's best potential.  Why?

The plant grows, the animal consumes the plant, then we consume the animal, or the animal's by-product such as milk or eggs or the vegetable grown in the soil.  This requires careful husbandry of the soil, car
eful administration of missing nutrients due to the natural leaching of the sandy loam soil, or the use of those nutrients as they are removed by the plants that the farmer plans to harvest for human or animal consumption. This means finding lime, soft rock phosphates, healthy composted manures.  It also means rotational grazing of livestock, rotational planting of nitrogen fixing cover crops, and rotational cropping vegetables to decrease bug infestation in plants of the same family and the draw of nutrition from the land in the same spot. A farmer must tend his land or his land will become deplete.  Careful attending to detail, planting guides created just for that one farm, care and concern for that which the Lord has provided to bless us. We find that we are soil and grass farmers more than any other kind of a farmer because everything we eat starts with the health of the soil.  The art of farming is a beautiful symphony of attention to detail and timing.



We are please to offer your family the following items from our farm.  Click the "Join our Farm by Clicking Here" link to become a member of the farm and enjoy our nutrient dense foods and support our efforts to provide food to your family and ours.

We offer a diverse assortment of healthy foods:
  • Milk from rotationally grazed, grass fed only cows from our healthy disease free cows
  • Farmstead Cheeses made here on the farm from our grass fed milk
  • Grass Fed Beef: by the piece, half or whole.  We offer both fully mature grass fed beef and the fatted calf 'Rose Beef' which are about 500-600 lbs, still nursing on the grass fed only Momma cow.  Instead of weaning them to grow them out for beef, we process them on weaning day.  This is what many call Rose Beef, others call it the fatted calf, it is simply "the best"!  Some of our grass fed beef comes from our farm, some comes from Farmer Chad and Farmer John, dedicated grass only farmers.
  • Eggs: Pastured, soy free, GMO free raised by several of our farmer friends, we all keep flocks a bit larger than what we need and all the extras end up here.  Raising pastured poultry is not an easy chore and in the summer and winter we find the flocks slack off their production.  We are greatful to each and every one of our friends that provide awesome pastured soy free, gmo free eggs to the farm store.
  • Pork: Pastured, soy free, GMO free by the piece, halves or whole.  We will deliver the hog to begin the processing proceedure and walk you through your cut sheet.  You pay the farm for the hog, you pay the processor for the processing.  We usually process in the Winter or ealy Spring.
  • Grains: Organic and grown in the USA.
  • Dried Blueberries: Organic and grown in the USA.
  • Vegetables: grown using organic methods on our farm and some of our other farmer friend's farms.
  • Maple, Grade B: produced in VT by farmers maintaining organically managed "sugar bushes".
  • Honey, Raw and local, within 30 miles from our farm.  Our beekeeper uses NO antibiotics, does NOT feed corn syrup, and DOES utilize essential oils in his beekeeping practices.

    We do several different bulk buys per year for better pricing and saving on shipping charges for our Farm Members .... maple, dried fruits, teas and spices, grains, cereals, flours, gourmet salts, and more.

To become a member of our Farm and join a local group, click here. 

Group Options:
  1. Join a group that hires a private paid driver and share in these fees with the other group members to have food picked up at the farm and delivered back to a central drop point in your area.
  2. Join a group where the members of the farm have organized a rotation of families from their area to pick up food from the farm.
  3. Pick up food at the farm on your own.
  4. Delivery of items by the farm during the produce CSA season only (no raw milk, no kefir for these groups) if the group is located between Temple and Austin.
  5. Start any of the first two types of groups in your area with a weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly pickup schedule and we will program our software to support and organize the order/payment side of your group by family.  You will manage the driving rotation or the paid driver.
NOTE: Texas State Law prohibits the delivery of raw milk by the farmer.  Any farm that chooses to break this law opens themselves to possible prosecution by the State of Texas.  Due to this current legislation, Sand Creek Farm will NOT deliver raw milk or kefir - all such items MUST be picked up on the farm.

If you would like to shop for a one time pickup on the farm, please
email the farm for an appointment.




Here are photos of some of our 1/2 Guernsey 2013 calves:

Sand Creek Farm
1552 CR 267
Cameron, TX 76520

google map us "Sand Creek Farm, Cameron, TX"

Information: email us (fastest way to reach someone at the farm)



To map the farm on google, enter this "Sand Creek Farm, Cameron, TX". It should draw a map right to the farm. 

If you use a GPS, they do not typically work. Make sure to evaluate the information provided on your GPS and that it is taking you to CR 267 in Jones Prairie, TX. Jones Prairie is the name of the small community where the farm is located. Most GPS units take families to a city about 30 min. away.

Directions from Dallas:
I35 South to Waco, Hwy 6 South to Calvert,
FM 979 turn right,
come 10 miles to CR 267, turn right,
come 1.4 miles to 1552 CR 267.
Our drive is on the right side. You will see a large red hay barn on the hill.

Directions from Austin:
Option #1: Go to Temple and take the easy directions from Temple.
Option #2: The scenic
route that is faster....
Take Hwy 79 East
to FM 486, take a left (North)
to Hwy 36, take a right (East)
to Hwy 77, take a left (North),
to FM 485, take a right (East)
to FM 979, take a left to CR 267, take a left.
Come 1.4 miles to our farm on the right. The red mailbox says "1552 CR 267"

Directions from College Station:
Hwy 6 North to Calvert,
pass the Dairy Queen on your left,
turn left at the next flashing light which is FM 979,
come 10 miles to CR 267, turn right,
come 1.4 miles to our farm on the right.
Mailbox says "1552 CR 267".

Directions from Temple:
Take Hwy 53 East
to FM 485, take a right,
cross over Hwy 77 and keep coming east ~6 miles
to FM 979, take a left, go ~7 miles
to CR 267, turn left
Come 1.4 miles down CR 267 to our drive on the right.
Red mailbox, across from the drive, says "1552 CR 267"


Places to Stay Close to the Farm:

CALVERT, TX....there are many beautiful Bed & Breakfast here.  I would recommend a web search for names and numbers.

CAMERON, TX...also has a couple of beautiful Bed & Breakfast as well as the hotel listed below.  I would recommend a web search for the Magnolia Inn.

Budget Host Inn & Suites (new in 2009) - 102 Lafferty Avenue, US 190 & 77 at TX Hwy 36, Cameron, TX